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Peace on Israel

Product Description

This replica mosaic is taken from the ancient synagogue “Shalom Al Yisrael” in Jericho. The remains of the synagogue that was established in the seventh century AD were discovered in 1936. The original size of the mosaic is 10 by 13 meters and it dates to the late 6th or early 7th century.
The mosaic floor incorporates Jewish symbols such as the Menorah, the Shofar and the Lulav. There is also a Hebrew inscription, “Peace upon Israel” (שלום על ישראל), after which the mosaic was named.

“And see thy children’s children: peace upon Israel” (Psalms 128:6)

Stones: natural
Stone size: 08, 10, 12 mm
Complexity: 250
Size: 95×95 cm