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Mosaic replicas

Eilon Mosaic specializes in creating mosaic replicas and using elements from ancient mosaics, found in archaeological sites, in synagogues and other ancient buildings in Israel.
Many customers order mosaic works based on ancient mosaics or incorporated elements from ancient mosaics. Such works can be found in Israeli embassies, the Knesset, the Tower of David, hotels (e.g. Harrods), tourist Sights (e.g. The Cardo in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem) and in private homes around the world.

The art of mosaics in it source has been crafted out of natural stones that are Carved from the depth of the earth and provide the mosaic a sense of depth and rootedness.
The mosaics tells and commemorates the story of people and communities that lived many years ago and it has an amazing ability to last through time and ages.
proof of this is the fact that the ancient mosaic floors (that were revealed) kept their structure and color clear and strong even though the rest of the settlement around them was completely ruined.
Fundamentally, the mosaic technique hasn’t changed (much) and was kept throughout history, in this manner our skillful mosaics craftsman/artisan are using the same ancient/traditional technique with modern tools with the tendency to keep the natural and authentic look that gives the space and structure a spectacular,exciting and prestigious feel.

• Orders can be made via web or phone, purchasing through the web will grant 10% discount.
• After placing an order via web an Order Confirmation will be sent to your Email and our Customer Service representative will contact you within 2 working days to complete the payment.

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