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Dear Architect,

We invite you to join "Eilon Mosaic's"exclusive architectural club.

A special gift for new subscribers: A computerized simulation of an "Eilon Mosaic" original mosaic integrated into your project!

For the purpose of simulation, we ask you to send us images of your project and within 48 hours (two business days), you will receive a personally customized presentation that simulates the appearance of mosaic art, from our exclusive "Eilon Mosaic" collection, integrated into your project - without any obligation on your part.

The presentation can be displayed to customers, developers, interior designers, and colleagues.

Suitable for new buildings and/or for luxury upgrades of existing buildings.

Contact Details

Kibbutz Eilon 2284500 Israel

Tel: +972-4-9858125

Fax: +972-4-9858126


Contact Form

Interior designer, are you looking for innovative luxury interior design ideas?

Architect, are you looking to integrate Israeli art in your project?

Landscape architect, we use natural stones that are suitable for exterior design and are durable for many years.

Eilon's artistic mosaic is suitable for any space: living rooms, bathrooms, lobby, rooms, stairs, offices, yards, gardens and more...